Filamentous bacteria

An excessive development of filamentous bacteria can cause difficulties in settling – abundance of sludge – or foaming phenomena, and lead to a deterioration in quality of the treated water due to sludge flight.

The conditions favouring the development of filamentous bacteria are numerous: high sludge age, low temperatures, low oxygen content, presence of anoxic or anaerobic zones, malfunction of a degreaser etcetera.

For a quick and effective result on filamentous bacteria adjustment of the plant’s parameters (extraction of sludge, aeration and other) is usually accompanied by an oxidative treatment, which is not without negative impact on all bacteria.

FERRAL® FD 1600, PLUSPAC® FD 1635E, UTOPUR® : Feralco has developed products that act in a targeted way on filamentous bacteria.

Those speciality products, combinations of aluminium and iron salts, act on different types of filamentous bacteria (Microthrix and Thiotrix mostly) and contribute quickly to reinstate a balance in the purifying biomass.

They can be used as for rapid elimination of filamentous bacteria and also for continuous preventive treatment.

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