Sludge from municipal or industrial wastewater treatment

Sludge means all phases of concentrated waste from sewage treatment. The sludge mainly contains water, fermentable organic matter and inorganic matter. The characteristics of the sludge depend on the wastewater treatment process they are derived from: primary, physical-chemical or biological treatment.

According to disposal route – agricultural reuse as fertiliser or composting, landfill or incineration – the sludge will undergo treatment to reduce its volume and hence cost of disposal, stabilise or even sanitise.

To reduce the water content of sludge various mechanical processes can be implemented – from thickening by drainage or centrifugation to dewatering by belt press, platen press or centrifuge.

For all these applications and all types of sludge, we have developed a specifically tailored range of products: Deshydrix®.

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