Our commitments

Good practices of Feralco for sustainable development revolve on three major axes: environmental, social and economic.

Environmental practice

We respect the regulations on the protection of the environment and we are implementing the necessary actions to limit the impact of our activities on the environment, including:

  • zero discharge policy and a maximum recycling of washing water in manufacturing processes
  • control the risks of accidental pollution in water, air and soil
  • control of our logistics system and the use of a mode of transportation which emits less greenhouse gas emissions (rail/road) whenever possible
  • optimisation of our energy consumption
  • development of alternative raw materials recycled for different applications

Social practice

We comply with the regulations relating to employment law and ensure compliance with safety rules by our staff on our sites or at our customers, and by our carriers on our customers’ locations.

For example, the safety indicators (TF1 and TF2) were zero since 2008.

An effort is being made to develop the skills of our employees through continuing education: the share of payroll spent on training was 3.34% in 2011 compared to a statutory minimum of 1.6%.

Economic practice

The implementation and success of environmental and social policies are only possible through good management and convincing economic results.

As our primary concern is to satisfy the requirements of our customers, we are committed to meeting their needs in accordance with contract requirements and controls that bind us, of course in accordance with laws and regulations.

We force proposal of innovative solutions in terms of products or implementation of products aimed at improving the economic performance of the facilities of our customers. This is reflected in the plans to progress within our commercial contracts.