Feralco offers inorganic coagulants and organic flocculants to prepare fresh water from surface water or well water. 

The Feralco products are added at the stage of coagulation/flocculation in order to:

  • neutralise the suspended solids and colloids (coagulant action)
  • allow their agglomeration (flocculation action)
  • facilitate their settling before the filtration step

This treatment is compatible and complementary to treatments of specific water for paper machines, boilers or cooling systems: anti-foam, anti-tartar, anti-deposit, anti-legionella etcetera.

The inorganic coagulants used for water treatment in the paper industry are aluminium salts like aluminium sulphate or polyaluminium chloride such as Aqualenc or PLUSPAC.

Some products, such as the Aqualenc P, are used in both the preparation of water and on the machine. This single product approach provides flexibility in the management of supplies.

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